Economic Recovery Committee

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Port and Container Facilities Expansion

The development of the container and cruise terminals is not simply an infrastructural development, important though that is. A modernised, containerised port environment will present consumers, merchants and visitors with goods and services in an easier, less time-consuming manner.

Separating Deep Water Harbour from Heritage Key will strategically reposition Antigua and Barbuda as the best provider of all marine services. In contrast to what obtains elsewhere in the subregion, cargo ships and cruise vessels will not be competing for space and time. A 500 metre berth will be the largest cargo operating space in the Eastern Caribbean. At the same time, container space will be increased fivefold.

These developments will provide several opportunities to invest in port infrastructure and related services. These include:

· LNG Refueling Plant

· Other refueling services

· Expansion of port by 13 acres

· Port Plan should be submitted

· ICT for communication and supply chain management

· Delivery of green energy to cruise/cargo ships